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kindred adj
1 similar or related in quality or character; "a feeling akin to terror"; "kindred souls"; "the amateur is closely related to the collector" [syn: akin(p), related]
2 related by blood or marriage; "kindred clans" n : group of people related by blood or marriage [syn: kin, kin group, kinship group, clan, tribe]

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kindred (plural form only)
  1. Distant and close relatives, collectively
  2. Peoples of the same ethnic descent, not including speaker; brethren



Kindred (plural: Kindreds)
  1. A combination of extended family and religious group, of the Ásatrú religious order in America



  1. Of the same nature.
    • 1924: ARISTOTLE. Metaphysics. Translated by W. D. Ross. Nashotah, Wisconsin, USA: The Classical Library, 2001. Available at: . Book 1, Part 1.
      We have said in the Ethics what the difference is between art and science and the other kindred faculties;


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kindred in Dutch: Kindred
Kindred is a opening yet surprising saying that the american ancestors would preach to before they ate took a bath, wrote, etc.

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affiliated, affiliation, affinal, agnate, agnation, akin, alliance, allied, analogous, ancestry, associated, avuncular, blood, blood relation, blood relationship, blood relative, brotherhood, brothership, clan, clansman, close, closely related, cognate, cognation, collateral, collateral relative, common, common ancestry, common descent, congeneric, congenerous, connate, connatural, connection, connections, consanguine, consanguinean, consanguineous, consanguinity, cousinhood, cousinship, distaff side, distant relation, distantly related, enate, enation, family, fatherhood, filiation, flesh, flesh and blood, folk, folks, foster, fraternity, genetically related, german, germane, house, incident, kin, kinfolk, kinnery, kinsfolk, kinship, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kith and kin, like, lineage, matching, maternity, matrilateral, matrilineage, matrilineal, matriliny, matrisib, matroclinous, matrocliny, motherhood, near relation, next of kin, novercal, of common source, of the blood, parallel, paternity, patrilateral, patrilineage, patrilineal, patriliny, patrisib, patroclinous, patrocliny, people, posterity, propinquity, race, related, related by blood, relation, relations, relationship, relatives, sib, sibling, sibship, similar, sisterhood, sistership, spear kin, spear side, spindle kin, spindle side, stock, sword side, ties of blood, tribe, tribesman, united, uterine, uterine kin
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